Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Week in Hester's Shoes

It's a midnight shoe showing... and lace up boots are the star of the show. I, like Lucia, am a shoe fanatic to the very core. I love how shoes have the possibility to change the attitude of an outfit completely- we all know that the day dress can go out at night with a substantial six inch heel... we like super high but no wobbling please- it's not cute. So as a New Yorker my shoes are clearly the more pavement friendly-(Lucia likes driving a lot) and lace up boots are weather proof, warm and most importantly with the laces I can control the fit of the shoe. This is great as the leather starts to stretch or one day you decide to wear a wooly sock for extra warmth. These boots will take the city by storm! hope you like!

MONDAY: Surface to Air Lace-Up Wedge boots
The newest addition to the crew!!! I just bought them on net-a-porter and I absolutely love them. They are so comfortable. I can be on my feet all day and still wear heels- it's a beautiful thing.

Tuesday: Jenni Kayne Green Suede Wedge boots
A gift from Lucia! My favorite color is green and these shoes give added interest to black pants without standing out too much. The leather laces are so cool and I get complimented on them all the time.

Wednesday: Fiorentini & Baker Lace-up combat boots
I bought these with my Big H (that's my mom) at Barney's in Dallas. I was on the fence and she convinced me to get them- I'm so glad she did because I wear them all the time. I love the rounded toe, the medium heel height and that I can make them super tight around my ankles. 

Thursday: Golden Goose Studded Ballet Flat
purchased at Forty five 10 in Dallas and on-sale thank goodness. They are super comfortable and the studs toughen up what is usually a sweeter shoe. Also they kind of look like a frog with warts- kind of funny...

Friday: Alex Wang Dakota Boots
Oh how I love these. I had to have them the minute I saw them. I probably went to Barney's 3 days in a row to look at them before bringing out the wallet and taking them home. The white/gray suede remind me of boys' bucks, and the shape is everything!

Saturday: Miu Miu motorcycle boots
This boot has gotten me everywhere, and I feel like I owe them my life. They were purchased at Barneys right before christmas- last pair in the store-but they were BROWN! - so I dyed them black and added a lug sole. They're good friends

Sunday Funday: LD Tuttle "The Mono" in "Slab" (aka the convertible shoe)
SURPRISE!!!! These shoes can be worn 2 ways-how cool is that?! This shoe is like a mix between a cut-out boot and a sandal. While they don't have traditional laces, these extra long laces allow you to get creative. I love the hooked heel which reminds me of a horses hoof. And when they're worn mule-style I fell like my feet are wrapped up like little presents tied with a bow. They're soo cool- I love them.


If you like the 2-way shoe check out the LD Tuttle site for more 2-way styles! LD Tuttle


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